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industry-expertise-lpOur creative approach to solutions deployment is a result of listening to and collaborating with a wide range of time-critical industries over the past 26 years. We combine service enhancements with cost-eliminating technology to bring our customers relevant and scalable delivery strategies.



LaserShip provides custom delivery and distribution solutions for supply chains in many industries and sectors including:


e-comm-industryFree shipping? Fast Shipping? Consumers want to be able to order late into the evening and receive their purchases as quickly as possible. We understand these demands and design customized solutions to provide flexibility within your supply chain. Later pull times and expanding one-day footprints provide improved customer experience and customer loyalty. Integration with your order entry software, customer service platforms, and track and trace functions provide end to end visibility for you and your customers.

Pharmaceutical Wholesale | Retail | Long-Term Care | Home Infusion

pharmacyWholesale Pharmaceutical

The nation’s largest wholesale pharmacies trust LaserShip with the distribution of their supplies and pharmaceuticals to independent, chain retail, hospital, and institutional pharmacies. LaserShip’s network of drive-in facilities provide for secure off-load, sorting, and loading of material, as well as locked areas for C2’s with 24/7 video monitoring. Our staff and fleet are experienced and certified in adherence to all applicable regulatory requirements.

Retail Pharmacy

With LaserShip, you can be confident your patients will receive the medications and supplies when and where they need them. You can depend on us for flexible service offerings to match your need, accurate and timely arrival of your shipment, and 24/7 customer service. OSHA / HIPPA compliant.

Long-Term Care Pharmacy

LaserShip offers senior care pharmacies everything needed for the facilitation of outsourced delivery.  We provide in-house support staff, dedicated delivery drivers, mobile technology for imaged signature capture, and enterprise system integration.  We provide optimized  routine scheduled-fill med delivery, new resident admission STAT delivery, and emergency/back-up medications delivery 24/7/365.  OSHA / HIPPA compliant, plus staff and driver drug screening and background checks. Our staff and contractors are knowledgeable, trained, and experienced in the proper handling of medical deliveries, with strict adherence to all regulatory requirements.  Your options include time critical STAT deliveries, same-day sweep and routed deliveries, next-day distribution, and global Next Flight Out.

Home Infusion

Home Infusion is the most sensitive of home deliveries, directly impacting patient care.  Whether assisting a patient’s critical transition from hospital to home, or delivering life-supporting meds that enable on-going patient home care or hospice, LaserShip understands the time-specific nature and emotion of infusion delivery.  A select team of drivers and delivery coordinators manage your deliveries, ensuring predictable and on-going accuracy.  We provide extra staffing when you need us most- weekends and evenings.  OSHA / HIPPA compliant. AOB paperwork return within 24 hours.

Life Sciences Diagnostics | Hospital

life-sciencesLife Sciences

Time-sensitive, patient-focused transport is provided for blood testing, oncology, infectious disease, research, and transplantation.  LaserShip carefully supports the air and ground transportation of life science specimens, organs & tissue, blood, and life-saving drugs.  HIPPA and OSHA compliant dedicated drivers follow your protocols to ensure controlled chain of custody.  Plus, our web-based tracking enables you to monitor your shipment's progress in real time!


LaserShip manages both ground and air, easing the transportation management burden for pain and addiction diagnostics labs nationwide!  Experience consistent, clinic-focused support in urban and rural locations, eliminate missed pick-ups and delayed deliveries with LaserShip’s customized ground/air solutions, and receive samples into your central labs 6-8 hours earlier than national overnight carriers deliver.


Time-specific delivery and cost transparency are the keys to LaserShip’s hospital delivery support.  We understand the importance of maintaining an unbroken, visible chain of custody when delivering blood products, lab specimens, x-rays, medical supplies or interoffice mail. Advantages like temperature sensitive transport, bar code scanning, digital signature capture, real-time tracking, and delivery web-monitoring are just a few ways LaserShip has become the number one partner for the nation’s leading hospital groups.

Supplies Office Supply | Medical Supply

suppliesOffice Supply

LaserShip facilitates same-day and next-day solutions for wholesale and retail office supply firms, with options for dedicated bulk product delivery and co-mingled small parcel shipping. Order level signature capture and central customer service are only a few of the many benefits you’ll enjoy with LaserShip, and for less than overnight national carriers!

Medical Supply

Your customers rely on medical supplies to improve their quality of life. As a leader in this area, we share your commitment to personalized service with compassion.  LaserShip ensures that your patients receive the supplies they need in the privacy of their own home.

Professional Services Payroll | Business Services


Your customer’s payroll isn’t “right” until it’s delivered to the right location, on time.  LaserShip partners with leaders in the payroll industry to provide distribution management services with secure chain-of-custody, web package tracking, and professional representation. Special circumstances including signature required, special instructions, weather-contingencies, holiday spikes, and quarter-end delivery management are all handled worry-free with LaserShip’s automated, secure payroll management - the final step in payroll processing!

Business Services

LaserShip matches the fast pace of law, accounting, architecture, public relations, and all professional services needing immediate, responsive messenger service.  Our local expertise enables a quick response and the fastest deliveries possible.   Online ordering and tracking help you ship fast with accuracy.  Delivery confirmations to the email address of your choice keeps everyone up to speed.  Mandatory, customizable billing reference number capture eliminates unbillable charges, and e-billing makes cost allocation easy.

Aircraft on Ground (AOG)

aogLaserShip’s Global Critical Delivery (GCD) staff understands the high costs of disabled planes.  With our powerful routing technology and customs experience, we provide the rapid response and cost-effective solutions you need to get your assets back in the air, fast!  Plus, our in-flight and on-ground tracking technology enables you to track your shipment’s progress from start to finish!

Shipping is made easy with our online order management system featuring an extensive database of Aerospace and Parts warehouses where common addresses are easily accessible.


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